Our Story

Like many startups, this idea was one formed from annoyance at an issue and a drive to innovate. The issue in question can be summed up in three questions. Why are legal fees so high for work that can be done in a matter of minutes? Why hasn’t a significant technical advancement taken the legal world by storm since the laptop? How can I lower the fees I need to pay just to get my business off the ground? In comes StartINC, the service that provides you with effective and efficient legal drafting to get your business up and running quicker, cheaper, and without jeopardising the quality of work.

What we’re doing 

We come from the Burch&Co. family, where putting the person first is priority #1 and providing effective legal service comes naturally. Over time, we identified a gap in the market and wanted to provide our services to startups who may not be able to afford to retain a lawyer full-time. The thought took root, how could we make it work, and how could we save great ideas from falling at the first hurdle?

After some time we decided to bridge the gap ourselves, and utilising modern technology and a tool built for purpose, StartINC will work for you to efficiently determine which documents you need, why you need them, and provide effective drafts for an affordable price so your ideas can become functioning businesses.

The Burch&Co. Difference 

Unlike other tools powered entirely by Artificial Intelligence or computer engineering, StartINC taps into the vast pool of real intelligence garnered by the Startup team at Burch&Co.

Our team has helped to launch businesses of all sizes and throughout a number of ranging industries, so we are well placed to understand the unique challenges present in the early days of your business.

If our story resonates with you, it’s because we have treated StartINC like a startup! Please wander over to our blog to see our team of lawyers and paralegals sweat under time pressure and a general lack of technical experience. It’s rare to see lawyers intentionally out of their comfort zone and believe me the 5 minute read is well worth it for the catharsis alone.

Why choose StartINC?

Empowering startups with seamless and cost-effective legal drafting solutions. Powered by Burch&Co Lawyers.

We combine the precision of our legal expertise with the efficiency of technology, providing you with a tool to confidently traverse the beginnings of your business.

Our team of experts are building a tool to provide personalised legal drafting for your startup.

Combining cutting-edge technology with our legal experience will make wading through the early days of business easier for you.

StartINC. will get you access to quality legal experts in a fraction of the time.

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